Facts About OPPO A54 Smartphone


The Oppo A54 (ov-7a532) is an affordable high-end mid-range smartphone from Oppo. It is powered by an octa-core chipset and has 2GB of RAM. The user has a choice of two connectivity options – USB Type-C and micro USB. One interesting feature is the presence of virtual keyboard. Users can easily key characters in text messages and perform other functions just like a standard smartphone. OPPO A54

The OPPO A554 has a metallic skin with a brushed metal finish. This gives it a sporty and casual vibe. It has an eight-megapixel camera, a heart rate monitor, a barometer, and a ambient light sensor. The OPPO A554 also features a slim, five.1-inch capacitive multi-touch display, a fast-charging 3000 mAh battery and Dual SIM cards. The device runs on the android OS 7.1.

The OPPO A 54 has some unique features that differentiate it from other mobiles. One is the inbuilt Quick Camera setup option. If you want to take a photo using your camera, you only need to press on the setup option present on the handset’s home screen. You can then assign various modes to the front, back and main cameras. The OPPO A554 has a complete set of tools for ensuring that you capture the best shots.

When it comes to data transfer, the OPPO A554 has one of the fastest cell phone charges in the market. The inbuilt Fast Charge system allows you to enjoy up to 12 hours of talk time on a single charge. On the contrary, the micro SD card that is used for this purpose has a maximum capacity of just four gigabytes. This means that you can easily make do with less than two gigabytes of data before it becomes completely exhausted. On the contrary, the micro SD has a maximum capacity of two gigabytes and so if you wish to add more data, it becomes an uphill task. In such a scenario, the OPPO A 1954 helps you enjoy a truly speedy data transfer.

The OPPO A54 has the impressive camera as well. The rear and front cameras have lens that are of different sizes. This enables you to take excellent photographs even when the other size lenses are not available. The OPPO A 1954 is the ideal smartphone that comes with an excellent dual camera feature. The camera on the rear lets you use your standard point and shoot camera and the one positioned on the front lets you use your digital camera.

The OPPO A 54 has got a large battery as well. This makes it possible for you to enjoy long gaming sessions without the need to plug in the laptop. The battery of the A series is specifically designed for fast charge so you don’t need to worry about the same. As a result, you get the best from the OPPO A series along with the amazing features that come along.

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